Monday, April 26, 2010

Mr. Natural

Mr. Natural is a Robert Crumb original which is Crumb's most recognizable work for me. He was created in the 60's as a counterculture icon depicted as a prophet or higher being. His character is a mystic guru who proclaims the evils of modern living and encourages a natural lifestyle. Although he is an icon who preaches good messages, his character has been known to be cynical, moody, self-pittying, as well as condescending.
I have an appreciation for the work of Robert Crumb. Watching short clips of documentaries on Robert Crumb has allowed me to see his style of illustrations and producing his work. He seems to be a very tormented and awkward man, who is boggled by his own creativity. His mode of working is striking to me. He explains that when he begins a new illustration that the meaning of the image doesn't become apparent to him until it is finished.

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