Sunday, April 11, 2010


Since Luz and I have started our mural we have run into many obstacles, such as a place to paint it, supplies and the approval from what seems like the entire administration staff at Alfred University. We have secured a wall in Harder Hall, and have been working on painting it. However we are reminded by many that it will need to be repainted, making this mural ephemeral. By painting over our mural Luz and I seem to be doing the opposite of what we set out to do. We meant to create a work that is long lasting and makes a statement for others to see about cultural identity. Many of my symbols on my side also have to do with longevity and creation. Such as the symbol at the top of this post, I assume this weeks blog is about the progress we are making on our final projects. By creating such an ephemeral piece it does not seem that we are making much progress and and are losing the characteristics and caricature of this piece.

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