Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pixar shorts have always been a favorite youtube search of mine. I especially love the tennis ball commercial one where there are two tiny birds watching a tennis game being played by two chickens. Then with out meaning to one of the chickens accidentally picks up one of the tiny yellow chicks assuming that it is a tennis ball and bats it across the court. The other tiny chick finds this hilarious and proceeds to text his friends this ridiculous event. The scene cuts to the chicks friends who receive the message and laugh hysterically and then the scene cuts to another group of chicks who are watching a youtube of this event. This gave me an idea on how pixar might depict Laura's and my texting project. Perhaps Pixar would do something by showing the rate of a text exchange and how it becomes misinterpreted over time. Pixar has a Theme of using small verses big characters where there is always a victim who rises to the top. Where the small outcast character becomes victimised and then proves his worth.

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